In the light of IBC… Azule’s guide how to choose the supplier

Our guide on how you choose the right supplier

We all know that there is no such thing as free cheese, and in the current economic climate, we’re keeping a beady eye on our pounds and pennies and expectedly looking for the best price and service available. Whether you work in broadcast & media, photography or the lighting industries, the process of choosing the right kit/equipment before looking at equipment supplier finance can be quite a daunting experience. Which is why we’re going to try to help with our guide of five key considerations when choosing your supplier. As the saying goes, there’s no such thing as a free lunch, so lower price should come at the cost of one or all of the following:

Don’t be caught out with delivery times: If you’ve found the reseller, that offers the kit significantly cheaper than the competitors, check the delivery times. Some companies do not have the kit in place and order it only once they receive a certain number of orders to get a discount from the manufacturer. If you’re lucky to join the batch when they’re about to distribute – that’s great. But… you might be setting yourself up for disappointment (not to mention a long wait) if you happen to be one of the first ones!

Has your supplier got the right attitude? The most important aspect of providing good customer service isattitude. It’s obvious that you want your sales person to be capable, knowledgeable and understanding of your hire/buying needs. If they don’t compile to these rules of thumbs when they’re selling, just imagine what they would be like if you had a problem with your kit – that’s what we call the knock on wood affect!

I want it now! What are the response times? Admit it, we’re very much a “NOW” generation. If we’ve asked the question, we want to know the answer straight away. But let’s be reasonable…. ( at least within the next 10 minutes…. Otherwise, we’ll take our business elsewhere. Sound familiar? We’re particularly impatient with the answers when it comes to purchasing. And why should we wait? We are paying for the service, so we want the answer to our question when we need it, not when somebody has time to answer it.

Reviews/ Reputation: Reviews are the best predictor of how likely you are to have that amazing experience. We wouldn’t trust 1-2 individual review as things happen, as anyone can have a bad day. But if numbers speak for themselves, why try to prove the world wrong? After all the law of large numbers is the best predictor of reality.

And finally, follow your gut feeling! Make sure you get equipment supplier finance for the right equipment.

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