Thinking About Camera Finance? Reasons to avoid banks

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Camera Finance For The Masses

With the UK economy growing and getting stronger, businesses are daring to think big again. However, harbouring big dreams and a creative vision is one thing. Sourcing finance to turn those dreams into a viable business is another.  One of the biggest challenges for new entrepreneurs is finding camera finance available. It is especially difficult for the young photographers, cameramen or lighting engineers, who often get rejected by high street banks.

So what should they do?

Get confused? Or finance a camera?

There are smaller companies that specialise in niche markets for example Azule Finance in broadcast, media and photography. They offer asset finance from £1000 up wards for everyone from a one-man band to established companies who are looking to expand.

One of the best offers comes by keeping an eye on the blog here. Camera finance ‘no deposit’ deals crop up as promotions from big brands like Sony, Canon for example. Right now, there are deals on lighting equipment from Acolites. Photographers often buy camera by finance to bypass the pains of high cost purchases.

Talk To Specialists At Azule on Camera Finance

Specialists understand the individuals markets and are more used to arranging finance in these areas e.g. broadcast camera finance, equipment leasing. They have a much higher success rate at managing to secure the right type of camera equipment finance in the UK, over the right period and at the right price.

Get the right advice when financing equipment becomes your choice.

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