29 03, 2016

The Photography Show Review

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Having just returned from The Photography Show (TPS) it was interesting to compare and contrast it with the video equivalent, BVE, and to see the cross-over in products and services offerings. It was my first visit back to the UK’s leading photo show in nearly 20 years, when it was called Focus, having spent the [...]

21 03, 2016

BVE 2016: Raising the bar

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Azule’s Peter Savage managed to drag himself away from his countless BVE meetings (and the show bar) for long enough to discover that ‘easy-to-use’ was the tipple of choice at this year’s show. Trade shows are funny things. When you arrange a lot of meetings, it is quite easy to spend an entire week at [...]

10 11, 2014

Thinking About Camera Finance? Reasons to avoid banks

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Camera Finance For The Masses With the UK economy growing and getting stronger, businesses are daring to think big again. However, harbouring big dreams and a creative vision is one thing. Sourcing finance to turn those dreams into a viable business is another.  One of the biggest challenges for new entrepreneurs is finding camera finance [...]